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A simple exploration of what "creativity" means to people across professions, cultures, and generations expanded to 43 interviews and over 24 hours of video. "Defining Creativity" is part of the culminating product. It is grounded in my own belief of creativity as inherent in all humans, and taught me that there are truly as many definitions and perspectives as there are people.









The Creatives video series was initiated in response to requests to view more complete content from the amazing people interviewed for the above "Defining Creativity" video. Additionally, I have continued my investigation into how creativity applies in people's lives and look forward to sharing the inspiring discussions that I have been fortunate enough to have with a diverse group of people.


The first video in the series is an interview with Jeff Nelsen. You can watch the full interview or a playlist of the individual questions to pick and choose specific topics of interest. I want to express my sincere thanks to Jeff, as well as all of the generous and inspiring people willing to discuss the various aspects of creativity—previously and in the future!

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