Kids Compose Competition Indiana University Results


(adjusted due to COVID-19)


Raffi Arakelyan, 4th grade, Edgewood Intermediate

Phoebe Ford, 4th grade, Clear Creek Elementary

Silas Hunt, 6th grade, Fairview Elementary

Zamariah Smith-Barton, 3rd grade, Fairview Elementary

Runners Up

Casey O'Connell, 5th grade, University Elementary School

Aralyn Olivo, 5th grade, Fairview Elementary


Casey Atsom, 3rd grade, Fairview Elementary

Corbin Lawrence, 5th grade, Arlington Heights

Grace Smith, 3rd grade, Homeschool

Phoebe Walling, 5th grade, Fairview Elementary

IU Composition Student: Yi-de Chen,

Virtual performances and workshop experiences are being planned in lieu of the traditional final performances due to restrictions in place with the COVID-19 pandemic, and videos of the culminating projects will be made available to music teachers and elementary classrooms in the spring of 2021 (TBD).



Isabel Herron, 3rd grade, Childs Elementary

Laney Jackson, 4th grade, Fairview Elementary

June Leis, 3rd grade, St. Charles

Caleb Lian, 3rd grade, St. Charles

Bach Nguyen, 3rd grade, Childs Elementary

Abigail Swan, 3rd grade, St. Charles

Sofia Urbina, 5th grade, Grandview Elementary

Quinn Walters, 3rd grade, Marlin Elementary

Runners Up

Caroline Jensen, 3rd grade, St. Charles

London Lish, 3rd grade, Childs Elementary


Lilianna Conley, 5th grade, Fairview Elementary

Oliver Guinn, 3rd grade, Fairview Elementary

Sykie Jackson, 5th grade, Arlington Heights

Adeline Jones, 5th grade, Childs Elementary

Joshua Leney, 5th grade, Childs Elementary

Simeng Liu, 3rd grade, University Elementary

Cora Parrott, 3rd garde, St. Charles

Emma Rice, 4th grade, Arlington Heights

Orchestra Performance: February 12, 2020

Symphonic Band Performance: April 15, 2020 (cancelled COVID-19)

Musical Arts Center (MAC), Jacobs School of Music



Eve Arnold, 3rd grade, St. Charles

N'Dia Hamilton, 5th grade, Fairview Elementary

Layla Mackie, 3rd grade, Fairview Elementary

Owen Miller, 5th grade, Lakeview Elementary

Grace Mobley, 3rd grade, St. Charles

Wyatt Norrick, 3rd grade, St. Charles

Amaya Stinson, 3rd grade, Childs Elementary

Ashauntess Watts, 4th grade, Fairview Elementary

Runners Up

Thomas Dugan, 3rd grade, St. Charles

Austin Lanham, 4th grade, Edgewood Intermediate

Adley Lawrence, 3rd grade, Childs Elementary

Emma Smith, 5th grade, Homeschool


Allison Blee, 2nd grade, Van Buren Elementary

Chris Crane, 3rd grade, St. Charles

Lyle Henry, 3rd grade, St. Charles

Brooklyn McCutchon, 5th grade, Fairview Elementary

Victoria Rosales, 5th grade, Fairview Elementary

Kai Shuler, 3rd grade, St. Charles

IU Composition Students

Orchestra:  Yi-de Chen, Leigha Amick

Band: Liam Ramsay-White, Lok-Hei Tam

Symphonic Band Performance: February 12, 2019, 10 am

Orchestra Performance: February 6, 2019, 10 am

Musical Arts Center (MAC), Jacobs School of Music



Kristen Cole, Childs Elementary

Ainsley Crean, St. Charles

Miles Ellenwood, Childs Elementary

Ava Gaal, Childs Elementary

Austin Hsieh, University Elementary

Luke Miller, St. Charles

Betsy Moore, Clear Creek Elementary

Eliot Pennington, University Elementary

Anthony  Sherman, St. Charles

Owyn Smith, University Elementary

Trinity  Vuyyuri, Childs Elementary


Charlie Edwards, University Elementary

Andrew Gaschke, Tabernacle Christian

Logan Heil, St. Charles

Alex Herron, Childs Elementary

Jihoon Kim, University Elementary

Austin Lanham, Edgewood Intermediate

Harper Lawrence, Childs Elementary

Kalina May, University Elementary

Kelton O'Connell, Binford Elementary

Ella Sokeland, Lighthouse Christian

Dylan Springer & Ian Shaw, Binford Elementary

Scott Sprinkle, Childs Elementary

Alexis Tamewitz, Summit Elementary

Laura Tayloe, Marlin Elementary

Anna Thompson, McCormick's Creek

IU Composition Students

Orchestra: Jacob Walsh, Chris LaRosa

Band:Amin Sharifi, Patricia Wallinga

Concert Band Performance: February 7, 2017, 10:00 am

Orchestra Performance: April 12, 2017, 10:00 am

Musical Arts Center (MAC), Jacobs School of Music



Talinaiya "Angel" Bao, 6th grade, University Elementary

David Bauman & Lucy Back, 6th grade, University Elementary

Shay-Lynn Beard, 5th grade, Arlington

Mateo Fuentes-Rohwer, 4th grade, Childs Elementary

Teddy Gonyea, 6th grade, The Project School

Miranda Graham & Kylie miller, 6th grade, Childs Elementary

Cassidy Sims, 6th grade, Unionville

Lucia Walker, 6th grade, Childs Elementary


Josie Allender, 6th grade, Grandview

Alivia Arnold, 6th grade, Clear Creek

John Beggs, 6th grade, Childs Elementary

Lucy Billett & Avery Sturgis, 5th grade, Binford Elementary

Andres Chopite, 5th grade, Summit

Caroline Dunigan, 5th grade, Unionville

Sam Fischman, 5th grade, Binford Elementary

Steven Fort, 5th grade, University

Mya Hall, 5th grade, Summit

HeeWon Jung & Wonki Hong, 5th grade, Binford Elementary

Ailish Shipley, 6th grade, Grandview

Alexandra Shirley, 4th grade, St. Charles

Nicholas Shirley, 4th grade, St. Charles

Helen M. Sobiech, 6th grade, St. Charles

Kaitlyn Wong & Julia Layton, 5th grade, Binford Elementary

IU Composition Students

Orchestra: Chen Yihan, Max Ramage

Band: Danny Hansen, Curtis Smith

Concert Band Performance: February 10, 2015, 10:00 am

Orchestra Performance: March 10, 2015, 10:00 am

Musical Arts Center (MAC), Jacobs School of Music



Rylee Arther, 6th grade, St. Charles

Eleanor Caddens, 3rd grade, St. Charles

Seoyeon (Sophia) Hahn, 5th grade, Binford Elementary

Lazar Jankovic, 5th grade, Lakeview Elementary

Charles Morris, 3rd grade, St. Charles

Janice Pinkston, 4th grade, Arlington

Noah Selo, 6th grade, Lakeview Elementary

Charlie Smith, 6th grade, Clear Creek Elementary

Runners Up

Alanis Benedict, 4th grade, Fairview Elementary

Harper Lawrence, 5th grade, Childs Elementary

Clara Liechti-Hawkins, 3rd grade, St. Charles

Scott Sprinkle, 5th grade, Childs Elementary

Cosmo Person-Young/Ridley Crouch, 6th grade, Templeton


Diana Aviles, 4th Grade, Fairview Elementary

Avery Beck, 6th grade, Templeton

Jeremiah Boyce, 5th grade, Summit Elementary

Fern Comentale, 5th grade, Binford Elementary

Oona DeHart-Meacham, 6th grade, Arlington Heights

Camille Dekydtspotter, 5th grade, St. Charles

Oscar Flores, 5th grade, Summit Elementary

Shelbee Kinser, 6th grade, Grandview Elementary

Adley Lawrence, 3rd grade, Childs Elementary

Joshua Leney, 4th grade, Childs Elementary

Nora LoPilato, 6th grade, Templton

Owen Miller, 5th grade, Lakeview Elementary

Zachary  Miller, 5th grade, Summit Elementary

Sydney  Peterson, 5th grade, Fairview Elementary

Sarah Webb, 6th grade, Fairview Elementary

IU Composition Students

Orchestra: Katherine Bodor, Zhigong Wei

Band: Yi-De Chan, Alex Tedrow

Symphonic Band Performance: February 6, 2018, 10:00 am

Orchestra Performance: January. 24, 2018, 10:00 am

Musical Arts Center (MAC), Jacobs School of Music




Morgan Cockerill, 4th grade, Childs Elementary

Henry Floyd, 4th grade, Childs Elementary

Ian Hamstra, 6th grade, University Elementary

Charlie Hedrick, 5th grade, St. Charles

Ethan Murphy, 5th grade, Homeschool

Aaliyah Moore, 6th grade, Grandview Elementary

Alexandra Shirley, 5th grade, St. Charles

Nicholas Shirley, 5th grade, St. Charles


Afnan Alsalem, 5th grade, Summit Elementary

Brady Christiansen, 5th grade, Binford Elementary

Madeline Curdie, 6th  grade, St. Charles

Caroline Dunigan, 6th grade, Unionville

Phillip Emmert, 5th grade, St. Charles

Madilyn Fisher & Courtlyn Bales-Hall, 5th grade, University

Jessica Floyd & Layla Vamos, 4th grade, University

Claire Goodson & Hazel Stringer, 5th grade, Binford

Kena Hagerty, 6th grade, Grandview Elementary

Simone A. Hall, 2nd grade, Templeton Elementary

Caitlin Heim & Hope Taylor, 5th  grade, Elementary

Chase Hudson & Luke Johnson, 5th grade, Binford

Serge Kalinovsky, 4th grade, University Elementary

Christopher Kang, 6th grade, University Elementary

Julia Mróz, 4th grade, St. Charles

Katie Murphy, 4th grade, St. Charles

Jackson Pitner & Noah Spicer, 5th grade Binford

Madeleine Rich & Emma Loudermilk, 5th grade University

Tilly Robinson, 6th grade, University Elementary

Gabriel Sager, 3rd grade, Homeschool

Elijah Sager, 5th grade, Homeschool

Gyeongmin Seo, 6th  grade, University Elementary

Jacob Sowder, 6th  grade,  Clear Creek Elementary

Natasha  Staton,  5th  grade, Childs  Elementary

Rowan Travers, 2nd grade, Rogers Elementary

Bella Winkler, 5th grade, St. Charles

Audri Wood, 6th grade, Arlington Heights Elementary

IU Composition Students

Orchestra: Ara Cho, Corey Rubin

Band:Qi Li, Juhyun Kim

Orchestra Performance: February 16, 2016, 10:00 am

Concert Band Performance: February 9, 2016, 10:00 am




Joy Bhattachaya

Jessie Brown

Helen Crist

Chloe Dekydtspotter

Harilaos Deliyannis

Riley Gallagher

Braydyn Lents

Roxanna Ray

Clara Voskuil

Anna Yoon


Oliver Adams

Julian Anderson

Ted Backs

David Baumann

Marielle Beren

Joey Bomba

Jensyn Bowman

Yujin Cha

Margaret Comentale

Lauren Conner

Ava Craft

Tyler Dixon

Katelyn Farmer

Phillip Hammond

George Harvey

Teddy Lashley

Hannah Lee

Caitlin LIechti

Skylar MacLean

Patrick Pettinger

Melina Raglin

Caroline Rensi

Gus Richter

Michael Salzer

Eleana Silberstein

Nathan Till

Riley Wichern

Dexter Wu-Corts

Kaitlyn Young

IU Composition Students

Orchestra: Junyi Chow, Texu Kim

Concert Band: Benjamin D. Taylor, Nicholas Cline

Concert Band Performance: February 5, 2013, 10:10 am

Orchestra Performance: February 12, 2013, 10:10 am

Musical Arts Center (MAC), Jacobs School of Music



Abbey Armstrong, St. Charles

Katherine Bruner, Templeton Elementary

Leah Duke, Lakeview Elementary

Stav Katz, Binford Elementary

Daniel Larson, University Elementary

Richard Pope, Grandview Elementary

Casey Thomas, Summit Elementary

Lily Zeichner, Childs Elementary


John Beggs, Childs Elementary

Mariele Berin, St. Charles

Olivia Clements & David Baumann, University Elementary

Francisco Flores, Grandview

Christine Gerber, Clear Creek

Rhianna Gides, University Elementary

Phillip Hammond, St. Charles

Jacqueline Henderson, University Elementary

Kira Kunzman, University Elementary

Mary Jachim, Marlin Elementary

Eric Kim, University Elementary

Skylar MacLean, St. Charles

Luke Marion, Binford Elementary

Corey Prouse, Templeton Elementary

Hannah Ringquist, Arlington Elementary

Elisabeth R. O. Siena, Harmony School

Mr. Stedman's 5th Grade Class, Templeton Elementary

Regan Theile &. Peyton Scott, Binford Elmentary

Jolie Mae Voss, Grandview Elementary

Miles York, Binford Elementary

IU Composition Students

Orchestra: Kevin Hartnett, Melody Eölvös

Concert Band: Ari Fisher, Erik Ransom

Concert Band Performance: April 1, 2014, 10 am

Orchestra Performance: April 15, 2014, 10 am

Musical Arts Center (MAC), Jacobs School of Music



Maggie Bui, Childs Elementary

Gianna Marie Davy, 3rd grade, Grace & Hope Academy

Gian Gonzales, St. Charles

Lauren Leal, St. Charles

Jasper Maclean, St. Charles

Davis McCourt, St. Charles

Haley McVey, St. Charles

Nicholas Narducci, 5th grade, Binford Elementary



Brian Ash, Grandview Elementary

YiKang Bin, Binford Elementary

Lucas Byrd, Clear Creek

Katie Delap, Kate Burkhart, & Serena Fox, University Elementary

Logan Gosser, Arlington Elementary

Phillip Hammond, St. Charles

Anne Larsen, University Elementary

Carl Pohl, Limberlost Christian Academy

Molly Wagschal, University Elementary

IU Composition Students

Orchestra: Steven Snethkamp, Ben Taylor

Concert Band: William Bryant, Mahlon Berv

Concert Band Performance: February 7, 2012

Orchestra Performance: January 24, 2012

Musical Arts Center (MAC), Jacobs School of Music




Betsy Beggs, Childs Elementary

Lauren Cox, St. Charles

Olivia Evans, Childs Elementary

Claire Janda, Childs Elementary

Hannah Jesseph, St. Charles

Jean Lee, Childs Elementary

Liz McHaley, Clear Creek Elementary

Julia Telthorst, St. Charles


Emma Alexander, St. Charles

Adam Baker, St. Charles

Kate Burkhart, Binford Elementary

Natalie Cook, Childs Elementary

Gion Gonzales, St. Charles

Joonyoung Kim, Binford Elementary

Eunsung Lee, University Elementary

Clancy Lyles, Childs Elementary

Max Menczer, Binford Elementary

Hannah Mohamed, University Elementary

Patricia Moon, University Elementary

Tarell Perine, Summit Elementary

Ramanda Reed, Templeton

Matt Skirvin, St. Charles

Julia Smith, St. Charles

Kyra Taylor, Templeton

Marc Tourev, Binford Elementary

Jasmine Velasco, University Elementary

IU Composition Students

Orchestra: Adam Haws, Brendan Faegre

Concert Band: Max Grafe, Melody Eötvös

Concert Band Performance: February 10, 2010

Orchestra Performance: January 27, 2010

Musical Arts Center (MAC),



Abbey Allen,  4th grade, St. Charles

John Bannec, 6th grade, Clear Creek

Isabel Flynn, 4th grade, St. Charles

Riley Halloran, 4th grade, St. Charles

Jamie Lee, 4th grade, Childs Elementary

Grace Mullins, 4th grade, St. Charles

Alan Nguyen, 5th grade, St. Charles

Sam Stright, 6th grade, University Elementary


Alison Albright, Summit Elementary

Jessica Carmichael, Clear Creek

Tiseok Choi, University Elementary

Gianna Davy, Grace and Hope Academy

Nick Dolson, St. Charles

Ben Foley, University Elementary

Se Min Ko, St. Charles

Finley Krauter, University Elementary

Lauren Leal, St. Charles

Tai Min Lee, St. Charles

Kaya McCloud, Marlin

Greta Meya, University Elementary

Patrick Mooney, St. Charles

Melina Raglin, University Elementary

Roxanna Shanla, University Elementary

Connor Starks, University Elementary

Graham Todd, University Elementary

Joshua Tseng, University Elementary

Tanner Waldrip, Marlin

Sophie Young, University Elementary

IU Composition Students

Orchestra: Sang Mi Ahn, Carlo Frizzo

Concert Band: Francisco Alvarez, Timothy Miller

Concert Band Performance: February 16, 2011

Orchestra Performance: February 9, 2011

Musical Arts Center (MAC), Jacobs School of Music



Holly Barnhart, 6th grade, University Elementary

Lauren Bauman, 3rd grade, St. Charles

Walter Friesel, 5th grade, St. Charles

Javier Fuentes-Rohwer, 6th grade, Childs Elementary

Allison Neal, 5th grade, Childs Elementary

Wesley Oliver, 4th grade, Arlington Heights

Javier Rodriguez, 6th grade, Templeton

Mac Vogelsang, 6th grade, University Elementary

IU Composition Students

Orchestra: Elizabeth Ogonek, Joshua Groffman

Concert Band: Lawrence Chappell Kingsland, Jonathan Sokol

Concert Band Performance: February 11, 2009

Orchestra Performance: January 28, 2009

Musical Arts Center (MAC), Jacobs School of Music



Alexis Butcher, 5th grade, Summit Elementary

Megan Coghlan, 6th grade, St. Charles

Luke Crowe, 5th grade, Childs Elementary

Danielle Davila, 4th grade, St. Charles

Korina Flater, 5th grade, Fairview Elementary

Melody Herzig, 2nd grade, Marlin

Jacob Huston, 6th grade, Homeschool

Nicholas May, 3rd grade, University Elementary

IU Composition Students

Orchestra: David Wefelmann, Elliott Bark

Concert Band: Jeffrey Stanek, Jonathan Graybill

Concert Band Performance: March 5, 2008

Orchestra Performance: November 14, 2007

Musical Arts Center (MAC), Jacobs School of Music



Walter Friesel, 3rd grade, St. Charles

Andrew Nguyen, 4th grade, St. Charles

Anna Raphael, 2nd grade, University Elementary

Julia Telhorst, 3rd grade, St. Charles

John Weiss, 2nd grade, Rogers Elementary

Payton Werner, 3rd grade, Homeschool

Sarah Williams, 4th grade, University Elementary

Agnes Zhu, 5th grade, Summit Elementary

IU Composition Students

Orchestra: Laura M. Kramer, Matthew Peterson

Concert Band: Eric Knechtges, David Farrell

Concert Band Performance: February 14, 2007

Orchestra Performance: February 6, 2007

Musical Arts Center (MAC), Jacobs School of Music