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Defining Creativity Podcast Episodes

S1E3: A Narrative Nonfiction Author's Definition of Creativity with Mary Losure (7/19/22)
S1E4: A Business Communication Educator—Content Creator—Thought Leader—Exercise Physiologist—Trainer—Fitness 
              Educator—Cross-Culture Communicator-Educator's Definition of Creativity with Tatiana Kolovou (7/26/22)
S1 E5: A Chaplain's Definition of Creativity with John Holzhüter (8/2/22)
S1 E6: An Education Consultant—Master Teacher—Mentor—Facilitator—Peacekeeper's Definition of Creativity with
              Cindy Ripley (8/9/22)

S1 E7: An Mediator—Teacher of Mediation, Negotiation, Conflict Management, and Creativity's Definition of Creativity 

              with Louise Neilson  (8/16/22)

S1 E8: A TV, Film, and Theatre Performer's Definition of Creativity with Megan Elyse Fulmer  (8/23/22)

S1 E9: An Insurance Lawyer's Definition of Creativity with Michael Menapace  (8/30/22)

S1 E10: A Sommelier's Definition of Creativity with David Hale  (9/06/22)

S1 E11: A Director of Innovation and Process Improvement for the Indiana Department of Transportation's Definition

                 of Creativity with Todd May  (9/13/22)

S1 E12: A Chief Sales Officer—Mom's Definition of Creativity with Brooke Ivey  (9/20/22)

S1 E13: An Actor—Writer—Stand Up Comic—Improvisor—Freethinker's Definition of Creativity with  Dev Meenagh  (9/27/22)

S1 E14: A Social Worker—Teacher of Social Workers' Definition of Creativity with Carlene Quinn  (10/4/22)

S1 E15: An Investment Advisor Representative—Civil Air Patrol Pilot's Definition of Creativity with Malcolm Webb  (10/11/22)

S1 E16: A Musical Director of Musical Theatre at Indiana University—Broadway Conductor and Pianist's Definition of Creativity

                     with Terry LaBolt  (10/18/22)

S1 E17: A Technical Executive Scientist—Author—Lifelong Classical Musician's Definition of Creativity with 

                   Jonathan Phillips  (11/8/22)

S1 E18: An International Student from Uganda in a Ph.D. Science Education Program at Indiana University's

                    Definition of Creativity with Esther Kataate Namakula  (upcoming)

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