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Kids Compose Workshops

In 2017, Debbi created a new program inspired by the many kids who submitted thoughtful, creative melodies which were not chosen as winners in the competition. Wanting to find a way to encourage these kids to continue experimenting with music composition, she developed the Kids Compose Runners Up Workshop. The workshop provides an opportunity for students to experiment with their original melodies. An ensemble of musicians from Indiana University and professionals in the community make up a small ensemble which play the students' melodies as dictated by the students themselves.

After a brief demonstration of each instrument, the students take turns working with the musicians. As they make decisions about which instruments should play when or which notes (in the case of harmonies or chords), discoveries are made and an understanding of possibilities is expanded. The students have a unique opportunity to use live musicians for their palette as they play with colors/timbres of the different instruments and create an arrangement of their original melody.

In April of 2019 an additional Kids Compose Workshop was offered to students selected through recommendation of a music teacher. The opportunity to develop their unique voice through music composition is something that can hopefully continue to expand and be offered to as many students as possible.

If you are interested in incorporating Kids Compose in your program and community, email

Runners Up Workshop

December 14, 2017

Photo Credit: Chris Fichtner

Kids Compose Workshop April 19, 2019 at the Monroe County Public Library

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