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Defining Creativity Podcast                   [July 26, 2022]

S1E4: A Business Communication Educator—Content Creator—Thought Leader—Exercise Physiologist—Trainer—Fitness Educator—Cross-Culture Communicator's Definition of Creativity with:

Tatiana Kolovou

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"Learning and professional development requires a lot of creativity and a creative desire and confidence in communicating something in your own way."
                                                    ~Tatiana Kolovou
Tatiana Kolovou brings her vast experience in professional and personal development to this discussion about creativity. A native of Athens, Greece, creativity permeates all aspects of her approach to life making evident her status as a prominent and respected leader and educator. Tatiana's passion for teaching and nurturing development is apparent on every level as she reflects on raising her children, working with college students from freshmen to graduate students, or helping individuals' pursuit of fitness and health goals. 

“I would argue that creative people are quicker at being attuned and reading their audience and when it comes to communication, it’s all about being able to connect with your audience and finding ways that you can do it in building trust and starting a relationship.”


“I think we’re more focused on doing versus being, and when you’re focused on doing, you don’t pause enough to stop and see what feeds you, what you need… but if you just take time to be versus do, do, do, do, you can find that or you can search around for it.”


“I also think you can find the inspiration for creativity being in nature and we have beautiful places in both countries or in every country there is a place you can find a way to tap into nature and connect.”


“I would say [creativity] is the free-flowing expression of our own human experience. It’s influenced by our backgrounds, our upbringing, our values, our beliefs, our exposures, but it has to be our own expression of our experience. It has to be authentic, raw, organic… not influenced by any trends. It’s really how we show up. And finding that at times can be difficult. You have to not be too distracted in order to tap into it, but once you know it, it’s a superpower.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                   ~Tatiana Kolovou

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