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Defining Creativity Podcast          [September 27, 2022]

S1E13  An Actor—Writer—Stand Up Comic—Improvisor—Freethinker's                   Definition of Creativity with:

Dev Meenagh

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Dev Meenagh finds and embraces creativity in every aspect of life—  from performing in various capacities and working with children to escape rooms and cosplay:

“I think that I kind of approach everything with this strong sense of wanting to know more, wanting to go deeper… and that ties into things like psychology. It ties into empathy. It’s all these little kind of feelings that I’ve always a sense for. And curiosity is a really big part of creativity, ‘cause creativity is all about an output and the input of that has to be a point of view, a psychological assessment, an idea, a feeling… There’s so much that you have to put into that. So, in my day-to-day life I’m just very curious... I’m very interested… and not just in things that would be described as typically interesting, but in the mundane—in things that are very quiet, in things that are very small, that just catch your attention because you think, there’s always more there. There’s always more going on… and not just with people, but things, like something like just staring at a cloud that looks a little bit different than all the other clouds. You know you can take things in from just anything, so just having a very open mind and open eyes.”

“Being creative, it’s the process that’s important to the creator, but it’s the result that matters to everyone else.”

                          —Dev Meenagh

“I think that is how I define creativity—not the obvious choice, because once it becomes the obvious choice, it’s not creative anymore; it’s the standard.”

                         —Dev Meenagh

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“Everything starts to get topsy-turvy. It sort of feels like tie-dye. That’s what creativity feels like to me, where everything just sort of blends together and creates something new.”

                                                    —Dev Meenagh

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Dev and friends at New York Comic Com cosplaying from "Inside Out" 

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