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School programs

Programs currently available:

Interactive in-school experiences are available through Creative Arts for Young People.

These include:

  • Musical Exploration Experience: a small ensemble of musicians will be the vehicle to explore musical possibilities on various instruments. A children's book will be narrated, with musical accompaniment that enhances the literary and musical concepts' connection. Students will be encouraged to experiment and develop their own creative expressions. Follow up sessions are available for individual classes to further cultivate musical creativity through music composition. Programs available:

    • "Miss Marietta's Memory Music" (click for more details)

    • "Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin!" (click for more details)

  • Kids Compose: Music composition in the classroom can be supplemented with further exploration of musical possibilities. Options include:

    • Classroom composition— a visiting teacher will explore music composition with a class, culminating in a collaborative composition and generating ideas for additional group or individual composition.

    • Follow-up instruction—additional session(s) with visiting teacher will provide an opportunity for further music composition exploration and assistance in furthering and/or finishing student compositions.

    • Instrumental Workshop—a small ensemble of musicians will provide an opportunity for students to hear their compositions as played on various instruments. This will enable a unique opportunity to explore register, timbre, dynamics, ensemble, and many more concepts using their own creative works, while learning more about the instruments.

To find out more about scheduling CAYP programs in your school, email
Interested in sponsoring current CAYP programs in schools or continued development of new programs? Contact CAYP and let us know how you want to help.
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