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Defining Creativity Podcast           [August 16, 2022]

S1E7: A Mediator—Teacher of Mediation, Negotiation, Conflict
Management, and Creativity's Definition of Creativity with:

Louise Neilson

Louise Neilson is a mediator with a master's degree in creativity and innovation. She shares her extensive exploration of creativity and conflict styles, along with the parallels between mediation and creative problem solving using first hand examples from her considerable career. Louise has authored two books related to our creativity discussion:

"Mediating with Picasso: Relying on Your Inherent Creativity When You Need It Most"

"In Cahoots: A Playbook for Creative Collaboration"

"For me, creativity is a resilient and adaptive response to my environment."

—Louise Neilson

“There is the opportunity, on both sides…[for] gaining an understanding”

—Louise Neilson

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Photo credit: Katherine Stansbury

“In my experience, I’ve learned that everyone is creative and that creativity is relevant; creativity causes conflict and creativity can resolve conflict.”

   -Louise Neilson

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