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Defining Creativity Podcast                  [July 5, 2022]

S1E1: A Storyteller-Ukulele Player-Ignitor of Social Change Makers'
                    Definition of Creativity with:

Nicole Johnson

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"I define creativity as a practice that leaves space for magic and catalyzing moments."               

                                  ~Nicole Johnson

Nicole Johnson

Fresh off her launch of The Harriet Tubman Effect and TEDxBroadway talk, Nicole Johnson discusses all things creativity with host Debbi Ponella.

More about Nicole:

Nicole Javanna Johnson is Founder and Creative Director of the Harriet Tubman Effect Institute, a human resource center and institute of research and strategy for justice advocacy. The institute seeks to usher in a new era of empathy by producing empathy driven artistry, participatory action research, and human resource initiatives. Nicole is also Founder of Javanna Productions M.O.V.E., a nonprofit arts and education company that provides community members with the resources and platforms necessary to address social issues creatively. A member of SAG-AFTRA and leader in the educational theater community, Nicole is currently pursuing her PhD at New York University (NYU) in the Music and Performing Arts Department of the School of Culture, Education and Human Development. Nicole has served as Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion on Passover at the August Wilson Theater, Freestyle Love Supreme, Strange Loop, Dana H, Is This A Room and A Christmas Carol. Nicole also works with arts departments at Columbia, NYU, Augsburg University and New York City Department of Education Schools.

"I don't understand even my artistry as anything but creativity. It can be the same kind of creativity in every single one of my industries because I'm utilizing the same muscles that I do to create a song, that I am to build a document for consulting."

"I'm excited to tell stories in lots of different ways—the story of grace, of wellness, of choosing a different kind of world to be a part of that resists things like sense of urgency, perfectionism..."

                                                                                                                                                                                                         ~Nicole Johnson

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