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Defining Creativity Podcast                [July 12, 2022]

S1E2: A Musician-Pianist's Definition of Creativity with:

André Watts

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"I don’t think it’s a matter of teaching children how to be creative, it’s a matter of letting the creativity of the child flourish, blossom, come to fruition…"

                                                                                                                              ~André Watts

Watch André Watts visiting with Mr. Rogers in the episode "Making Mistakes" that aired on May 7, 1987

André Watts talks about performing with Leonard Bernstein

André Watts' career has spanned 60 years. He has traversed the world while performing with musicians and ensembles considered top in their field and been the recipient of numerous honors and awards, including the prestigious National Medal of Arts. The breadth of his creativity as a performer, teacher, and beyond music as a human being is unmistakable—how it influences his actions and interactions throughout his life.

"People around [Bernstein] played better. You did your stuff better because of his presence, his pull, the magnetism… and it’s not just superficial b.s. magnetism; deep musical conviction."

"It is actually your limitation of listening that gets in the way of hearing..."

                                                                    ~André Watts

Check out André's experience with Leonard Bernstein—NY Philharmonic Young People's Concert, January 12, 1963

Pictures at the Library of Congress

Video of the performance with Bernstein's introduction

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