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Defining Creativity Podcast        [August 2, 2022]

S1E5: A Chaplain's Definition of Creativity with:

John Holzhüter

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“Don’t get too stuck in what you think you know, no matter how educated you are; no matter how much you’ve trained other people… and for teachers, make sure we leave enough wonder in the way that we educate, that people have the ability to allow creativity to solve the problem and not somehow to be a roadblock to something.”

                                          ~John Holzhüter

“I think we struggle as a country with this—how do we find a common language that we can attribute to creativity, or to faith, or to citizenship, or to a myriad of areas where people don’t seem to agree, but they think that their definition is right and your definition is wrong? And how do we do that in a way that doesn’t just squelch the very thing we’re trying to fuel?”


“From not having enough of something for your recipe and substituting something else, you’ve made something so wonderful—and you can change the recipe.”

                                                                                                                    ~John Holzhüter

John Holzhüter describes his profession of chaplain as being someone who connects with people in need. The flexibility of his position allows that connection across demographics, cultures, and generations—meeting people wherever and however that need exists. John's specialty is triage, and he embraces his creativity in situations from assisting with traumatic events such as natural disasters or a car crash to engaging in programs to cultivate creative outlets for young people struggling with addiction. John’s contagious positivity shines throughout this discussion as he illustrates his creativity with an entertaining and insightful use of analogies and endless energetic search for creative solutions to life’s myriad of challenges.

“Listen to your peers and partners that are making music [and life] with you, but also understand that when you hear a sob out there in the audience, or a gasp or a sneeze, that they are there and if you remember and allow them to be present with you, they’re making music, too, or they’re doing a show, too. It’s just that they’re doing it in their own silent way or their quiet way, but they feel a part of it—if you let them. If you don’t let them, if they become the voyeurs that wish they weren’t there, then somehow it's all about you. You’ve defeated the purpose of community then."

                                                                                                                                                                                       ~John Holzhüter

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